A Better Collecting ExperienceFour piece memorabilia

Are you into autographs and memorabilia? Of course you are…you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. Sometimes you may get the autographs personally, and sometimes you buy them online from people you don’t know.

However you choose to build your collection, you deserve more.
PROVA gives you more with its patented PROVA SmarTag technology, chain of custody system, and access to unique experiences with the sports stars you love.

PROVA offers the most efficient and timely authentication process on the market today. In three easy steps, your item’s history is on the digital books.

How It Works

A PROVA team member places a specially-designed PROVA SmarTag on your collectible item and collects a small amount of information from you so the item can be associated with you in our records. This gives you documented proof the item is yours. No other authenticator provides this service.


With a quick scan of a specially-developed mobile application, the PROVA SmarTag is scanned and the exact date, time and location of the autograph is captured and transferred to our secure servers in the cloud. Other services don’t always see your autograph happen. PROVA witnesses your autograph every time.


The data captured by the PROVA app is transferred to cloud-based storage for quick access. Traditional authentication services can take up to a week or more to record your data! We’ve even heard of some taking up to a year!

This is where your expanded experience - and your digital showcase begins!

Let's Get Started

Your journey toward a safer and more securely authenticated collection starts with PROVA. If you already own collectibles tagged by PROVA, you’re just a few steps away from starting your very own digital showcase where you can proudly display all your items and take them with you anywhere you and your mobile device may roam. Here’s how.

1. Create your account. 2. Register your item. 3. Launch your Digital Showcase!

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